3ConTessa is a free 3-day online apolitical tabletop gaming convention featuring the many women who play, create, and love tabletop games of all stripes.

Welcome to the second year of ConTessa, happening February 2014 online everywhere! In June of 2013, we had a great time with exciting games, thought-provoking and helpful panels, and thrilling competition! In 2014, we're back for more with an expanded staff and ambitious goals!

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Join us for our second year! February 7-9 2014!

The OSR Dungeon Crawl Competition – Day 2 Team Mimic Vs. Team Displacer Beast

Feb 9, 2014 by

Day 2 of the OSR Dungeon Crawl Competition to close out ConTessa 2014! Thanks for making it a great convention, everybody!

Team Mimic


Team Displacer Beast

The OSR Dungeon Crawl Competition – Day 1 Team Caltrop Vs. Team Ten Foot Pole

Feb 8, 2014 by

Get ready for some heart-pounding action as Team Caltrop takes on Team Ten Foot Pole on in the OSR Dungeon Crawl Competition! Two teams fight head to head at the exact same time to see who can get away with the least deaths and the most loot!

Team Caltrop


Team Ten Foot Pole

ConTessa 2014 – Day 1!

Feb 8, 2014 by

These are all of the events that kicked off the first day of ConTessa 2014!

Game Design Panel with Meguey Baker, Emily Care Boss, and Brie Sheldon

Red Right Hand, a Monster of the Week game run by Sarah Richardson: 

6 nimmt board gaming with Spooning Meeples!

FAE: D&Dean, “SUPERbly UnNATURAL” GM’d by Meera Barry


Precious Dark: Zombies of Walmart GM’d by Stacy Dellorfano


The Monster Design Contest

Jan 31, 2014 by


Crone presents the ConTessa Monster Design Contest! Read the rules below, and start on your entry. The best monster will win!

The Rules:

Your monster will need 4 things:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Power
  • Name

Roll on the chart below at least once to generate your starting point (there are a bunch of virtual die rollers if you don’t have a d42 handy, like this one from WoTC). Want to get a random trait for each category? Have at it, but make sure you have at least one. Then get to designing!


Your monster can be for any system. There’s only one restriction – your description is limited to 250 words. No more, no less.

How to Enter:

Post your monster in the Monster Design Contest section on our G+ page, including their Appearance, Personality, Power, Name, and the trait you rolled.

Only ONE entry per person, and only one draft, so make sure what you post is what you want judged!

We’ll post a poll with the name of each game in the community and let the poll run until February 9th.

The winner will be the game that gets the most +1s, so be sure to get all the people you know to vote!

The Winner Receives:

The winner’s monster will be illustrated by Sarah Richardson and put into the ConTessa Annual #2.

The winner will also receive the following:
Crone Demo Kit
Randomocity 1&2 PDFs


The contest starts now, so get to monstering! Make sure to post your entry by February 7th!

The D3 Microgame of Stupefying Wonder

Jan 22, 2014 by


Our game design contest is back, and this year we’re featuring that odd but lovable jellybean of dice, the d3!

Read the rules below, then make your very own game centered around this wacky die.


The D3  Microgame of Stupefying Wonder

The Rules:

  1. Each D3 Microgame of Stupefying Wonder must fit on 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ sheet of paper, whether you make it digitally or by hand.
  2. You can use both sides of the paper.
  3. The game mechanics MUST use a d3 and ONLY a d3 (and only ONE d3 – imagine you’re on a deserted island with some friends, your card, and a single d3).
  4. Don’t forget to make it look good – first impressions and all of that.
  5. Only ONE entry per person, and only one draft, so make sure what you post is what you want judged!


How to Enter:

  1. Design your entry however you feel like it, as long as it hits the size limitations.
  2. Once you’re finished, post your entry into ConTessa’s Google+ Community under the topic of ‘D3 Microgame Contest’.
  3. Make sure to title your game and put a blurb in  your post, but no mechanics or additional ‘how to play’ parts. Those must be on your sheet.
  4. Post images of your game – make sure it’s readable and that you include both sides!
  5. Games can be posted through Wednesday, January 29th.
  6. On the night of the 29th, we’ll post a poll with the name of each game in the community and let the poll run until Friday, January 31st. The winner will be the game that gets the most +1s, so be sure to get all the people you know to enter!


The Winner Receives:

  1. The winner’s game will be put into the ConTessa Annual #2 and added to the ConTessa Grab Bag. The bag will also include a d3, so everything you need to play your game will be in there.
  2.  The winner will receive the following:

The knowledge that you are a Creator and therefore made of stupefying wonder!

The contest starts right … now! Be sure to get your entry in by the deadline of January 29th!!


Treasure Hunt!

Jan 15, 2014 by


Our friends at Geek Native are sponsoring a treasure hunt over at their site! Here’s how it works:

Sign into the widget on this page, then follow the clues to find the ConTessa icons hidden in some of their posts. Record the url in the widget to get your points. The winners will be picked at random at the end of the competition, February 10th.

And what’s a treasure hunt without treasure? Here’s the prizes you’re competing for:

  • Treasure bundle $50 of DTRPG vouchers + $50 of Paizo vouchers + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • Book bundle: Paperback copies of Rapture of the Nerds, Andromeda’s Fall + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • Bag bundle: A Premium bag from AllRolledup.co.uk + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • ConTessa swag bundle: Goodies + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt

Good luck, and remember to share the contest info far and wide! Nothing like a little healthy competition among friends, right?

Fancy new images for our beloved GMs…

Jan 14, 2014 by

Below are square versions of some of our event banners, perfectly sized for your event listing on Tavern Keeper. Right click to save on your computer.

Speaking of Tavern Keeper – have you seen our event listing? We have games looking for players and panels looking for watchers, so sign up today!

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